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Wedding Loans – What you should consider

wedding loans

The actual process of taking out a wedding loan is easy – the difficult part is figuring how much you actually need and how much you really can afford to pay back.

Before you approach a lender, together with your partner decide how much you would like to spend on your wedding day as costs can easily escalate.

Make a list of you what you’d like for your ideal wedding and if the final figure makes either of you uncomfortable, get out the red pen and put a line through things you can do without.

One way to get a handle on costs is to list the expenses as necessary, unnecessary but desired, and frivolous extras. You certainly will need a venue, but do you really need to splurge so much on flowers and limousines etc.

Before you get a wedding loanĀ you should also consider what you can afford to pay back each month. You don’t want your wedding loan to become a burden after your wedding day when you are a newly married couple.

Make sure the decision on the scale and cost of the event is a unanimous one. That way you will avoid any future arguments or resentment. You’re in this for better or worse and generally you’ll be paying for your wedding loan together.

If you have saved the necessary funds for the wedding or been lucky enough to have your parents to pay for your big day you may still require a loan for your honeymoon. A lot of time and energy goes into planning your wedding day and most couples feel they deserve an amazing holiday at the end of it all to relax and recap on what special day they had with their family and friends. At Direct Finance Loans we can assist with a loan to ensure that your honeymoon is one to remember and one which will provide you with pleasant memories for the rest of your life. We can lend up to $5,000 and generally have the funds available within 24 hours.

Wedding loans at Direct Finance Loans exist in 2 forms – secured and unsecured. To secure a loan you can use your car as security over the wedding loan. Unsecured wedding loans require no security.

At Direct Finance Loans interest rate are fixed on wedding loans and you have the option of paying them back over the terms ranging from one month to twelve months. Wedding loans do not have any early termination penalties.

Even if you have bad credit you are still eligible to apply for wedding loan. Direct Finance Loans will still consider your application as we place more emphasis on your capacity to repay the loan as opposed to your past history.

Direct Finance Loans is an online lender and you will be required to fill in a simple application form on the web page, giving details about your occupation and income, personal details and residential circumstances.

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