Emergency Cash Loans NZ

Take the stress out of the unexpected with an Emergency Cash Loan

No matter how prepared you are, life has a way of throwing curveballs that you never expect.   You’re driving along when suddenly plumes of smoke appear from under your hood and every light on your dashboard is blinking.  A broken pipe has leaked water everywhere—in your walls, under your carpets and soaking into your belongings.  A lurking dental bill or medical emergency.  Maybe you’re in between jobs and don’t want to just ‘settle’ to get by. Even when you’ve been spared your own crisis, you may be called upon to help a family member or friend through theirs. An emergency cash loan can help you stay afloat while helping someone you care about.

There are many ways these emergency expenses can come out of the blue.  If an unexpected incident occurs and you’re in dire straits, you’ll usually need it sorted pretty sharpish. This is where having an emergency cash loan could really save the day.  Direct Finance Loans can help.  We specialise in providing fast loans for people when they really need them the most.

Get Emergency Cash Loans Quickly and Easily on the Same Day

At Direct Finance Loans we know that sometimes life happens so quickly you find yourself in need of a helping hand, and you need it fast.  In these situations, you don’t always have the luxury to go through an extended process and meet with a lender in person. Our online process is simple and incredibly fast to complete, so you can get immediate access to the cash you need to get you back on your feet.

It will only take you a few minutes to complete our quick and easy online application form. Afterwards, you will be contacted by one of our helpful lending representatives who will talk with you about your loan application and the potential repayment schedule. If you are eligible, we can authorise your loan and have it in your account within the same day!

Our Expertise

At Direct Finance Loans, we specialise in helping customers to get an emergency cash loan.   We know that car catastrophes, water pipe worries, dental bills, blocked drains and other emergencies are an inconvenience and the unexpected cost can be a lot to bear.

An emergency loan gives you the cash to solve whatever problem is being thrown at you.  When you need help, we will look at every option we have to help you, and if possible will provide you with the financing you are looking for.  Rather than being a crisis, you can focus on getting yourself back on track.

From start to finish, we can provide emergency cash loans to you often within the same day you apply. You will receive immediate attention and professional financial application support from our team.

Direct Finance Loans provides loan amounts ranging from $300-5000. Our repayment plans typically last up to 12 months depending on the size of the loan.

Don’t waste time worrying.   Our easy online application and customer support team are here to help you get the financing you need as quickly as possible.