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In the past decade there has been a huge rise in New Zealanders traveling abroad both for holiday and business travel purposes. Not surprisingly Australia leads the list of destinations that New Zealanders choose as their preferred travel destination, drawn by the close proximity, lower airfares, cultural and sporting ties and family associations.

The top ten overseas destinations Kiwi’s travel to are :
1. Australia
2. Fiji
3. United States
4. United Kingdom
5. China
6. Cook Islands
7. Samoa
8. Thailand
9. India
10. Canada

Of the destinations listed above, Australia is the travel destination which makes up nearly half of all trips abroad. Interestingly New Zealanders travel for average stay of just under 20 days and spend on average $2,142 per person.

There has also been an increase in people taking out small loans for holiday travel, where they borrow enough to cover the airfare, accommodation and some extra spending money. Usually the small loans are paid off when they return generally over the following three to twelve months.

Many find it difficult to save the required funds to facilitate their holiday travel dreams so they choose to borrow the funds up and spoil themselves with an amazing trip overseas. They then pay off the loan over the short terms available (usually 3 to 12 months) when they return. Others have travel needs arise urgently with funerals and family emergencies etc presenting themselves at short notice, when this is the case funds can be required with 24 hours.

Direct Finance Loans provide Travel loans for all destinations and for most travel purposes. So whether you would simply like a relaxing beach vacation, a river cruise through Europe or have a family wedding you need to attend overseas – Direct Finance can provide an answer on your holiday loan application within 24 hours.

Direct Finance loans make things even easier to get a holiday loan as you can simply apply online without the need to visit a branch. You can apply from anywhere you have a computer and the internet, so you can apply for you holiday loan from the comfort of your own home or on your break at work.

You’ll be required to provide some supporting documents to be approved for your travel loan but the process is quick and easy and on most occasions your holiday loan funds are in your account within the same day.

Direct Finance Loans are a responsible lender so once you advise how much you would like to apply for we will take the time to understand your personal situation. We will  match you to the right holiday loan product for your circumstances using our responsible lending guidelines.

Don’t delay make your holiday dreams a reality and apply online today for a travel loan with Direct Finance Loans.


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